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Welcome to Scentsory Home, Bath & Body.

My name is Jo and all of the products that are available on this site have been handcrafted by myself.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved beautiful soaps and lotions and it is a love that has stayed with me and grown throughout the different stages of my life. 

In my teens it was all about incense and oils, then perfume and as a young Mum, caring for the delicate skin of my children.

The candles that I burnt back then were very different to what is available now. There were some weird and wonderful shapes and colours but the fragrances that were used were very limited and simple, unlike the beautiful layered fragrances that are available today. There are so many ways to enjoy fragrance these days and I love them all.

In 2017, I was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer and after I completed my rigorous treatments, decided not to return to my very stressful and busy job.  I’m feeling great now and in remission, but of course with time on my hands I was looking for something to do. I started out making candles, melts and diffusers and then quickly moved on to soap. It was wonderful to fill the house with gorgeous aromas and be able to have an outlet for my creativity.

I then started making bath bombs and bubble bars, and before long I was having an absolute ball. Everyone received hand made gifts for Christmas that year and before long, my love for making, far outgrew my gifting and Scentsory Home Bath & Body was born.

I have endeavoured to make everything as natural as possible and I use good quality raw materials, essential oils, fragrant oils and where possible, eco packaging. 

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Eco-friendly packaging

Where possible many of my products are packaged using eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging in order to reduce my impact on the environment through single use plastics and contributing to landfill.

The Soap Making Process

I use Melt and Pour soap bases, which are a ready made soap base, composed of fatty acids, glycerin and other NATURAL ingredients. The base is produced through the saponification process, which involves mixing fats and an alkali (such as sodium hydroxide or lye – also called caustic soda).
It is important to note that there is no sodium hydroxide left in the final product but it is required for the chemical reaction or saponification process to take place. Without it, you would simply have detergent. It may seem as though my soap contains a lot of chemicals as I have listed every ingredient involved in the process.
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and also be sure to check the ingredients listed on commercial soap bars in the supermarket
which are described as being gentle, moisturising, great for sensitive skin – you will find the ingredient list remarkably similar.

NOTE: All soap bars are hand crafted and poured and the loaf soap is hand cut. Therefore, the weight of each bar may vary slightly. The weight that is listed is the minimum weight of the bar that you will receive.

Photos of soap products produced by Scentsory

Contact us

If you are looking at my site, I feel that you must also have a passion for lovely soap and candles so I hope that you enjoy what is available.

If there is anything that you are interested in but do not see listed on the site, please contact me. I can make a huge variety of products and would love to discuss it with you.